Meadowland Springers
Raising both bench and field
English Springer Spaniels

Meadowland Springers and me

Hello from the Meadowland in southeastern South Dakota! My name is Nancy Brekke and I have Meadowland Springers, a small family kennel, breeding both field and bench/show English Springer Spaniels for family and field companionship. Meadowland Springers developed out of a love of this breed that I have had for many years.

As many of you might have experienced the loss of a beloved family pet; you know the heartbreak it can bring. When our family lost Katie, our 12 year old English Springer Spaniel, on January 1, 2000, we were left empty. We missed her terribly and after much consternation, I decided I would start with another; only this time with a male. William, out of Tennessee, came to live with us in the spring of 2002. The following year we acquired Meghan, out of Nebraska, and then Cleo, from South Dakota. It was very important to me to have my dogs all come from completely different bloodlines and areas; while all still showing the physical attributes and sound temperament that I had come to expect of this breed, which they do all possess. Then, in 2006, I found Douglas, my gorgeous bench/show bred English Springer Spaniel in Minnesota. My dogs are all AKC registered with champions in their bloodlines.

Our first litter was with William and Cleo in winter 2004. Meghan followed with hers in spring 2005 and we were off! We have had much success with our puppies. Being raised on a farm helps. Animals were always part of my life growing up, so it is a natural for me. Of course, I don't do it alone. My family is of great support and both my husband and son are always ready to pitch in and help. Working with dogs is a pleasure and a passion. Thanks for your interest in Meadowland Springers, and I encourage you to take a look at these wonderful sires, dams and puppies.

Emma Lee and me

This is my youngest Meadowland Springer!