Meadowland Springers
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English Springer Spaniels

Meadowland English Springer Spaniels

Congratulations to Sven and Cami on their impressive litter of eight puppies, five males and three females whelped on October 9, 2019. Cami did so well and her puppies are thriving. I am very pleased with the results of this pairing. These are beautiful bench and European ESS for family or field companionship. If you are thinking about getting an ESS, you will want to look at these excellent puppies. Check thier links for more information and contact me soon!
(updated 10/20/19)

Winston and Cindy's litter is expected by the end of October. These two have exceptional field and family ESS puppies. Expecting the same with this planned litter. See sire and dam links. Check back and contact me for details on Winston and Cindy's upcoming litter.
(updated 10/20/19)

Bo and Dolly's litter is expected late October '19. These two have such beautiful puppies. I am expecting the same this time. Puppies will be ready mid to late December. See sire and dam links. Check back for updates. Contact me soon for
(updated 10/20/19)

These are the fall litters expected here at Meadowland Springers. We will have both liver and white and black and white puppies available for home placement in December of 2019. Contact me for all the details on the fall litters. Get on the waiting list or deposit now and reserve your place in line to choose!
(updated 10/20/19)

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