Meadowland Springers
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Meadowland English Springer Spaniels

The puppies pictured above are all placed, however, there are summer litters on the way. Please read on and contact me early.

Upcoming litter with Bo and Dolly due soon. Hoping for both liver and white and black and whites expected mid to late May of 2020. Contact me here or at my Meadowland Springer FB page for details. Many of my past puppies are pictured there with comments about them.
(updated 5/10/2020)

Bo and Sasha are paired, and we expect a litter of both black and white and liver and white puppies to whelp the end of June 2020. Looking forward to their arrival. Contact me early for all the details on Bo and Sasha.
(updated 5/10/2020)

Traveler and Sophie are paired and bred, as well. We are hoping for a sensational litter of puppies in early July from these two. Contact me for details on the Traveler and Sophie summer litter.
(updated 5/10/2020)

I do keep a waiting list going, so if you want to be notified when puppies arrive, please contact me. I also am taking deposits for the summer litters now. A deposit holds your place in line to choose. It's early, but some of you who know that you want a Meadowland Springer are welcome to call me, discuss options, and deposit early.
(updated 5/10/2020)

Sires and dams are linked here. Any questions? Please contact me. I would be happy to go over things and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting here and be sure to check out Meadowland Springers FB page for current pictures and comments of puppies from all across the US!

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