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Meadowland English Springer Spaniels

Pictured above: Sven and Gracie's October 2020 litter. All are placed, but read on to what we have coming next!

****I am taking deposits for puppies from the Winston and Roxie litter that will be due in February '21. Contact me soon for all the details especially if you want early choice for any of these puppies. They are sure to be great for active families and will excel at hunting. Biddable, motivated, sociable-great companions!****
(updated 1/11/21)

Bo and Dolly's litter arrived on December 1, 2020! Notice: Puppies from this litter are all placed. There are both liver and whites and black and whites with classic bench markings. Pictures are linked. These puppies will make excellent home, field, and hiking/active companions. Bo is a proven sire out of my foundation field bloodline and show quality bloodline. Dolly's sire is Traveler, my European ESS. You can find out more about this bloodline linked to this page. Dolly also has champion American field bred bloodlines. As always, you can expect exceptional health and temperaments with my ESS. Many additional details. Puppies from this litter have been placed. (updated 1/1/2021)

The Sven and Clara litter of puppies arrived on December 12,2020. Clara had three females and one male-all liver and whites. All puppies have been placed from this litter. Clara is one of our Traveler and Sophie female prospects. These will be excellent field dogs, as well as devoted companions.
(updated 1/11/21)

We continue to keep very busy here at Meadowland Springers throughout the end of 2020 and into early 2021. We have held back female prospects and have proven sires and dams, so we expect some exciting developments with new mothers and litters for the next couple of years. All Meadowland Springers come from the combination of Champion American field, American bench/show quality and Champion European bred bloodlines. We hope to hear from any of you with serious interest in the devoted and capable English Springer Spaniel!
(Updated 1/11/21)

I am always more than happy to discuss with you any upcoming litters and our future plans. Contact me using the link provided, and I will get back to you promptly.
(updated 1/1/21)

****I am now taking deposits for the upcoming: Winston and Roxie litter due in February to be ready in early April of '21.
Planning May and June litters with Traveler and Ivy, Rose, and Bo and Sasha. Contact me if you have any questions.****
(updated 1/11/21)

I also keep a waiting list, so if you want to be notified when puppies arrive or about upcoming litters, let me know by clicking the "contact" link, and I will promptly respond to you.
(updated 1/11/21)

You can also get acquainted with my English Springer Spaniels by visiting Meadowland Springers on Facebook where you can scroll back and see and read comments about past litters and grown springers out of my kennel. There you will find some pretty amazing pictures of past Traveler and Sophie litters.
(updated 1/11/21)

Meadowland Springers: Raising Quality English Springer Spaniels since 2006 and building on my foundation bloodline, Meadowland's William, since 2002.
(updated 1/11/21)

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