Meadowland Springers
Raising both bench and field
English Springer Spaniels

Meadowland English Springer Spaniels

The summer litters have been placed into loving homes. I could not be happier for all the wonderful people who have their special puppy with them now. It is with great pleasure that I raise these special puppies. I am always amazed how the right people for the right puppy just seems to emerge. Miracles do happen every time a match is made. God Bless all ESS lovers out there. You are truly the best!

I am waiting on a litter of black and white puppies sired by "Bo" the end of October 2015 to be ready mid to late December. I am very excited to see what he will give us. See link for "Columbo" aka "Bo".
(updated 9.26.15)

Meadowland Springers are healthy, intelligent, and devoted companion dogs with happy and calm temperaments. They have "good energy". These puppies will fit best with relatively active families and individuals. They will be easily trained for the field or whatever you want them to do, but they do best when challenged and learning. I expect that hunters will find them to be excellent field dogs and families will love them for their loyalty and affection. They are beautiful and graceful ESS; superior springers in every way! See more of them at their links, on youtube, and at FB Meadowland Springers. Then, contact me for all the details.

All Meadowland Springers are AKC registered litters and have champion bloodlines: American and European. You do have an opportunity to have the dog of your dreams! These are exceptional puppies, and you cannot find their equivalent easily. For more details, contact me soon!

I have raised AKC English Springer Spaniels AKC ESS, for 10 years now and have been fortunate to have had English Springer Spaniels as companions for many years. I have placed these wonderful dogs into loving homes all across America and some into Canada. So many have told me how happy they are with their Meadowland Springer. See the reference link for many testimonials.
We give all our puppies individual love and attention from the day they are born. They are home raised and live with us from the beginning until they each go to their permanent homes. Meadowland Springers have the BEST temperaments, are healthy and amazingly intelligent. They make wonderful family companions for children of all ages, are easily trained, and are excellent field dogs. Sires and dams all have champion bloodlines. Meadowland Springers are vet certified, guaranteed healthy and AKC limited registered.

Douglas' puppies are always just adorable butterballs. He has this outstanding personality. He really doesn't much view himself as a dog. He is Doug, and he knows he is special. I have never had a dog be so dedicated to me! His puppies have that same attitude about themselves; so much personality, and they make very loyal and loving companions.

"Traveler", aka "Never Forget Me de Sao Barao" came to Meadowland Springers from Portugal in August of 2012. He is an outstanding English Springer Spaniel out of European show and field champions from Sao Barao Kennels. With his even temperament, deep liver coloring and graceful style, he is a cut above the rest. You can expect a dog from Traveler to be able to hunt, compete, be your active family or running/walking companion. These are healthy, intelligent, athletic and devoted dogs that I carefully plan for and proudly present. Expect the best!

Families who already have one, just love their Meadowland Springer because they are devoted, energetic, quick learners, and they enjoy life! Many come back later to get another pup. Being very adaptable and confident in themselves, they fit right into your family and your routines. They just know that they belong. Good breeding and a solid start in life matter so much. References, both hunter and family/companion, are available at this site and more upon request.

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