Meadowland Springers
Raising both bench and field
English Springer Spaniels

Meadowland English Springer Spaniels

Cindy whelped her litter of eight healthy puppies on April 9, 2018.
I have six males and two females to place into loving homes. Both Winston and Cindy are highly motivated to please, so you can expect a happy, healthy, and devoted companion for the family and/or the field. These puppies should be placed with active families. They will do best to reach their potential with families or individuals who have time to spend developing a close bond and where there is room for exercise and training. They will do best living in the home with their people. I ask that you contact me soon for all the details on these sweet puppies out of Winston and Cindy. There are several available for placement. See pictures at the Winston and Cindy litter link.
(updated 4.17.18)

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