Meadowland Springers
Raising both bench and field
English Springer Spaniels

Meadowland English Springer Spaniels

Cindy and Winston have a beautiful litter of ten puppies! All are thriving. There are four females and six males. Two females and five males are available for home placement. These puppies will be ready the second week of January. Contact me for all the details.
(updated 11.21.16)

BREAKING NEWS! Puppies are arriving tonight! I will let you all know tomorrow what we have.
(updated 11.20.16)

A litter is due toward the end of November 2016 out of Cindy and Winston. We are really looking forward to an exceptional litter. These will happy and healthy puppies with stable temperaments. They will be devoted companions and beautiful EES, as well as motivated field dogs.
(updated 11.10.16)

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